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The crew are fellow survivors of the shipwreck. They previously served under Captain Charles, but with him incapacitated leadership falls to his child, the player. The crew guide the player along the main quest, but otherwise hang around the camp. If their happiness level is raised through the stew, they will provide the player with various tool upgrades, camp expansions, spice seeds, and hats.

List of crew[edit | edit source]

  • Blacksmith Brenda
  • Chef Cecilia
  • Captain Charles
  • Farmer Fiola
  • Fisherman Fritz
  • Lumberjack Logan
  • Shipwright Sven
  • Tailor Teresa

The parrot can also be considered a crew member, although it does not serve some of the functions that the others do.

Happiness[edit | edit source]

Crew members gain happiness through cooking stew. For each crew member who is provided with an ingredient, the happiness bar will fill up by half a segment. If that crew member likes the ingredient, it will fill a whole segment. Each time the happiness circle fills, one of the crew members will have a present icon appear above their head, and the player can go talk to them to receive a gift, such as a tool upgrade, camp upgrade, spice seed or hat.

Favorite stew ingredients[edit | edit source]

Charles Allspice Powder, Bluefish, White Marlin
Sven Potato, Onion, Clam
Fiola Cob of Corn, Tomato, Rice, Eggplant
Logan Carrot, Pumpkin, Crab
Fritz Chili Flakes, Mackerel, Flounder
Teresa Cane Sugar, Seabass
Cecilia Fresh Thyme, Ginger Root, Lobster
Brenda Black Pepper, Red Snapper

Rewards[edit | edit source]

To claim a reward, the NPC must not be part of the current quest, otherwise the quest dialogue will be given priority and they will not give out the reward until it's completed. For the cost for building the camp expansions, see camp.

Crewmember Type Reward
1 Fiola Tool upgrade Shovel
2 Sven Tool upgrade Bucket
3 Logan Tool upgrade Axe
4 Fritz Tool upgrade Fishing Rod
5 Fiola Expansion 2nd Farm Plot
6 Sven Expansion Water Source, a water source attached to the north side of the farming area
7 - - Nothing
8 Logan Expansion Beach Shortcut, for easier access to the rowboat
9 Fiola Expansion 3rd Farm Plot
10 - - Nothing
11 Fritz Expansion Fritz's Pier catch tier 2 fish
12 - - Nothing
13 Logan Expansion Shipwreck Shortcut
14 Cecilia Spice seed 1 Cane Sugar seed
15 - - Nothing
16 Sven Expansion 2nd Water Source, a water source attached to the south side of the farming area
17 - - Nothing
18 Fiola Expansion 4th Farm Plot, 1 Ironroot Buttress
19 Brenda Tool upgrade Sword
20 - - Nothing
21 Logan Expansion Sven's Shortcut
22 - - Nothing
23 Teresa Hat Straw hat
24 - - Nothing
25 Parrot Map Dirty Treasure Map (for Golden Shovel)
26 Cecilia Spice seed 1 Fresh Thyme Seed
27 - - Nothing
28 Logan Expansion Pyramid Shortcut
29 - - Nothing
30 Cecilia Spice seed 1 Allspice Powder seed
31 - - Nothing
32 Teresa Hat Fedora
33 Parrot Map Musty Treasure Map (for Golden Bucket)
34 - - Nothing
35 Cecilia Spice Seed 1 Ginger Root Seed
36 - - Nothing
37 Teresa Hat Tricorn
38 Parrot Map Worn Treasure Map (for Golden Axe)
39 - - Nothing
40 Cecilia Spice seed 1 Black Pepper Seed
41 - - Nothing
42 Teresa Hat Pirate hat
43 - - Nothing
44 Parrot Map Smelly Treasure Map (for Golden Rod)
45 Cecilia Spice seed 1 Chili Flakes seed
46 - - Nothing
47 Teresa Hat Pirate hat with feather
48 - - Nothing
49 Parrot Map Serrated Treasure Map (for Golden Sword)
50 Charles Tool upgrade Telescope
51 - - Nothing
52 - - Nothing
53 - - Nothing
54 - - Nothing
55 - - Nothing
56 - - Nothing
57 - - Nothing
58 - - Nothing
59 - - Nothing
60 - Achievment Reach Crew Happiness Level 60

Treasure locations[edit | edit source]

Every island, including the northern main island, has a small beach only accessible by boat. This is where you can find one treasure each.